Water Heater Installation Denver Can Trust

Water heaters are one of the most vital appliances in your home. At some point, your water heater will experience issues. Sometimes these issues can be easily repaired, but other times you will need water heater installation Denver. As experts in water heater replacement Denver, we can guide you through this process.

When you need water heater installation Denver, one of the most important steps is choosing the new heater. When trying to decide which of the different varieties of water heaters to use, we suggest the following considerations:

First Hour Rating– This rating is based on the amount of hot water a heater will provide in its first hour of operation.

Capacity– If you have two to three people in your household, you should have at least a 40 to 50-gallon tank. You should add around 10 gallons for every additional person in the home.

Fuel Type– You can purchase gas, electric, or a combination of the two water heaters.

Usage– You should consider how you will use a water heater because a single unit, individual units in the same house, or a combination of other solutions may be appropriate for your unique situation.

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Tankless or Tank– A tankless water heater Denver heats water as the water is used, eliminating the need for a storage tank.

Warranty– Each manufacturer offers a different warranty. We suggest looking for the most extended warranty possible.

Energy Efficiency– When looking at a home’s total energy usage, a water heater uses about 18%.

Besides these considerations, we recommend looking at the pros and cons of a tank, tankless, point of use, or smart water heater before choosing a particular unit for your water heater installation Denver CO.


When we are called for a water heater install Denver, one of the most popular units is the standard tank water heater. This unit will store a massive amount of water and keep it hot until needed. With proper maintenance, this unit will last about 10 to 15 years.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Less water heater installation cost Denver
  • Quick replacement


  • More energy usage
  • Large space required


As with tank water heaters, a tankless unit can be fueled by gas or electricity. This unit uses a coil system to heat the water as needed to eliminate the need for a storage tank. Tankless units are rated by the amount of water they can heat per minute. The lifespan of a typical tankless water heater is 20 to 25 years.


  • Less space
  • Hot water supply continuously
  • Energy saver


  • Greater water heater installation cost Denver
  • Larger houses require more than one unit

Point of Use

This type of water heater Denver CO is placed directly by the fixture it will supply. It can be either tank or tankless unit and is an excellent choice for those who want extra hot water in an area located far away from the central heating unit.


  • Useful backup system
  • Allows you to decrease the temperature on central unit
  • Excellent choice for hot tubs and extra bathrooms


  • Not a good backup for solar-powered units
  • Should not be used the sole water heating unit


When Denver water heater installation involves a smart water heater, you can use a tankless system or a thermostat. Either of these items works in conjunction with an existing unit in the home. The smart Denver water heater installation connects to your home’s Wi-Fi to provide a variety of desirable features to your water heater.


  • Saves energy by monitoring and adjusting temperature
  • Leak detection alerts
  • Kills bacteria by cycling water temperatures


  • Requires professional water heater installation Denver CO
  • Adds to overall cost

Water heaters are essential appliances in your home, so choosing the best match for you is vital. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced to ensure they can help you choose between the various designs and styles of water heaters.

We carry a wide array of different water heater types and help you find the right style to fit your needs and wants. We can also provide excellent guidance to ensure you get the best water heating system for your home. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.